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Cherry 4-Twenty High Energy Shot (12 pack)


Get HIGHper 12 bottles per case

2 fl. oz. per bottle

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4twentergy Astronaut Juice

This stuff is nuts. 100mg of caffeine and 25mg Δ8, drink one and you will have the fortitude to make it to the stratosphere. You'll be ready to literally murder your morning tasks and after you do that you’ll murder the sh*t outta your lunch. One guy went to the break room and started a fight with the refrigerator. We’re just saying this thing will rocket you through your morning and ease you back down into a nebulous cocoon of wonder and relaxation. We think that mixing caffeine and cannabis, our second and third favorite “c” words, is the next wave in legal cannabis and we’re here to help you explore that entire galaxy.


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12 bottles per case 2 fl. oz. per bottle
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